Qian Xuesen classes successfully held in North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering

    Qian Xuesen classes successfully held in North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering

    In the afternoon of April 10th, the establishment and unveiling ceremony of“Qian Xuesen Class”in North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering(NCIAE) was held in the Academic Reporting Hall at the Administration Building of the East Campus.  

    Sun Jiadong, our honorable president, the academician of aerospace technology, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, winner of two bombs and one satellite , along with Qian Yonggang, the chairman of Qian Xuesen's decision-making advisory committee, distinguished professor of ourcollege, director of the aerospace museum of our school, attended the opening ceremony,and jointly unveiled the Qian Xuesen class. Party Secretary Hao Yulong, President Han Wenzhong, Party Committee Standing Committee Gao Junshan, and school-related functional departments, heads of departments, "Qian Xuesen" tutors and all students of Qian Xuesen class attended the ceremony.  The ceremony was hosted by Vice President Chen Gang.

    In order to further explore innovative training modes for applied talents and cultivate highly qualified application talents with scientific spirit, innovative spirit, and aerospace spirit, with the approval of the “Qian Xuesen Name Management and Portrait Usage Management Committee”, NCIAE established the Qian Xuesen experimental class.  In accordance with the selection criteria and conditions set by college, 37 students including Li Zhipeng were selected in the 2017 (first phase) Qian Xuesen experimental class; 22 teachers, including Wang Xibin, served as instructors for the 2017 Qian Xuesen experimental class; and Kang Huifeng, a teacher of the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, served as the class leader of the 2017 Qian Xuesen experimental class. Our college is the first institute in Hebei Province to establish “Qian Xuesen Class” and is the ninth college within China.

    Secretary of the Party Committee Hao Yulong awarded the letter of appointment for Qian Yonggang, honorary head teacher of the "Qian Xuesen class," and head teacher Kang Huifeng.

    Professor Qian Yonggang expressed his joy in his speech. He hoped that the educational concept of "Qian Xuesen class" would be consistent with Qian Xuesen's educational philosophy.

    President Han Wenzhong expressed welcome and gratitude to the comrades attending our college. Han Wenzhong pointed out that the establishment of "Qian Xuesen Class" is an honor of China Aerospace and the school will cherish this honor very much.

    Kang Huifeng, the teacher representative, made a speech. He expressed that everyone will fully understand the significance of this work, attach great importance to ideologically, and actively invest in action.

    The student representative of Qian Xuesen class and the student of the computer department Song Yaodong thanked the school for setting up a platform for students to learn from Qian Xuesen. On behalf of the members of the “Qian Xuesen class,” he promised to live up to the school's cultivation.

    It is reported that in addition to our school, there are eight universities in China including Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Xidian University. (Propaganda Department)

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