2018 Graduate Graduation Ceremony and Degree Granting Ceremony of North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering

    2018 Graduate Graduation Ceremony and Degree Granting Ceremony of North China Institute of Aerospace Engineering


    In the morning of March 28th, The 2018 Graduate Graduation Ceremony and Degree Granting Ceremony was held in our college. Headmaster Han Wenzhong, Vice President Guo Liwen, and Chen Gang attended the ceremony together with the graduate student training unit leader and graduate tutor. The ceremony was hosted by He Chunjiang, Director of the Graduate Department.

    The graduation ceremony and granting ceremony began with the magnificent national anthem. Prof. Chen Gang, Pro Vice-Chancellor, read the decision of the school to approve the graduation of 39 postgraduates in 2018. Prof. Guo Liwen, the vice president, read the decision to grant a master's degree in engineering to 39 graduate students in 2018.

    President Han Wenzhong delivered a eloquent speech. He congratulated graduate students who had successfully completed their studies and obtained degrees.

    On the occasion of the departure, President Han Wenzhong gave the students three pointers on behalf of NCIAE to motivate graduates to walk steadily, walk higher, and go further in the future:

    First, we must be ambitious. It is hoped that the students will use Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era as a guidance, work hard, love and respect the work, and be willing to dedicate themselves to creating their own future.

    Second, we must strive for excellence. It is necessary to uphold the school motto “Advance to excellence, and excelsior ”. In the future, we must be dedicated, and shall be respected as a "great country craftsman."

    Third, we must be creative. we hope that the students will integrate innovation consciousness into their learning and work in the future and be at the forefront of innovation. President Han Wenzhong earnestly hopes that graduates will be able to return to their mother school on the road full of pride.

    Tutor representative Han Weina, a graduate student instructor in the field of aerospace engineering, encouraged the graduates to bravely embrace new life, serve the motherland, give back to the community, and serve the people, which requires us to be honest with good quality. It is hoped that all the students can work hard to make extraordinary achievements in ordinary jobs and pursue a life of excellence and value in the process of serving the society.

    Mr. Gong Xuze, a specialist in electronics and communication engineering, spoke on behalf of graduate students. He shared three feelings when he graduated:

    The first one is gratitude. Thanks to the school for providing graduate students with a good learning environment. Thanks to the tutor and for graduate education. Hard-working leaders and teachers; the second one is sentiment. There are many choices in life. Only the right choice will lead you to success. The last one is a wish, wishing his mother school a better tomorrow, and wishing the students a bright future!

    At the degree grant ceremony, all the graduate students came to the stage to receive the ceremony and receive the degree certificate. The photographers set the sacred moment for each graduate at the instant of flipping graduation cap.









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